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Mythos Space: The World of Skarl

Planet Name: Skarl
Planet Type: Garbage Planet
Sector: Bai Hu
System: Kaiwan (Aldebaran)
Atmosphere: Standard
Gravity: Imperial Standard (though slightly lower).
Day Length: 85 hours
Year Length: 4,499 days
Population: (30% human, 20% mutant, 20% ab-human, 20% android, 10% other)
Government: Plutocracy
Tech Level: Industrial (Hyperspace in Trigon City)

Skarl is one of many moons of the gas giant Khora, and the only life-bearing planet in the Kaiwan (aka Aldebaran) system. Skarl has a breathable atmosphere and is a rocky desert of spare parts, rusting ship hulls and other waste products. This system is a major trade hub for this sector and a favored jumping off point for ships heading out to Bullseye and Wu Ju. It is also a favorite spot for ships coming in to the Empire with trade goods or for needed repairs (or to hide out). 
Outside of the city itself, Skarl is a harsh, wilderness of jagged mountains, sharp rock, and enormous piles of scrap and waste. Tribes of wandering scavengers, ragged settlements and monsters are all that dwells in the wilderness of Skarl. Dangers in the wilderness on Skarl include cliffs, cold, starvation and thirst, vermin and wear and tear. Animal life here is mostly dogs, rats, flies and roaches. Monsters here include ghouls, black puddings, toves, pnathian deathworms, mandroids and Ibogo beetles (see below). For alien encounters, MiGo and Grey are occasional visitors to the hills of Skarl as well as Trigon City, as are occasional mad cults to one or more Old Ones.


TRIGON CITY: Trigon is a large spaceport/city that is overgrown and renowned as a fleshpot and decadent pleasure port. Orbital repair facilities and the sale of refurbished starships are major industries here. The city spreads out over a full third of the planet and swallows up lakes mountains and rivers. It burrows underground, level upon level and is home to teeming millions. As a vast metropolic, Trigon City has a vibrant criminal underworld. 
POD-ROB HQ: The Police Robots enforce the law in Trigon City, and are centered in this large building, most of which is underground. POD-ROB has millions of robots under its command. Lawbreakers will find the police-bots to be single-minded foes who will try their best to bring criminals in to be imprisoned before trial. A typical police squad consists of 2d10 Androids (page 154) armed with a Laser Pistol, Stun Baton, Communicators and body armor (AC16). Each precinct has 2d4 Giant Robots (page 161) that are used for patrol and riot duty, with many more at police HQ.
Smogtown: The Industrial factories of Trigon City, staffed by living and machine alike. The air in smogtown is always at least somewhat toxic. This section churns out finished products of every description, from minor tools to starships.
Temple of Roon (Hyperspace Cult): This massive pyramid is to be found next to the spaceport. The structure is a self-contained city in its own right, and is home to a large number of acolytes dedicated to Roon, the god of going. The temple acts as a hyperspace beacon, allowing stable transiting into and out of hyperspace. Those seeking travel blessings or the services of a technomage can be found on the lower levels.
Trade Towns: These ramshackle towns can be found here and there in the wastelands, and are full of every sort of outcast such as aliens, ghouls and robo-droids. All of these towns are walled, and are usually protected by ferocious militias. 
Temple of Jabim: A lonely temple dedicated to Jabim, Lord of Broken Things can be found in the wastelands. The temple itself is constructed of a crashed starship, and has many modifications.  The temple attracts all sorts of broken people and creatures, such as mutants and mandroidsThe priests of this temple (Mechanics, Psions and Occultists) can be found anywhere on the planet, working as junk merchants and repairmen.

Ibogo Beetle Swarm (Pseudo Roach)
Type: Vermin
Size: Tiny (5-10” long)
Intelligence: Non- (0)
Hit Dice: 5
Movement: 15/150 (Climb 15)
Armor Class: 14
Attacks: Swarm (2d4)
Saving Throws: F14, R13, W13
Special: Immunities (poison, disease, radiation)
Environment: Any 
No. Appearing: 1d4
XP Value: 250 (CL 5)
Ibogo Beeltes are a vicious species of red, eyeless insectoid that appears out of Hyperspace much like Toves and Raths, and are a favorite prey of Toves. Individually a Ibogo beetle is not dangerous, but in swarms they can be deadly, able to strip the flesh off of a human in under a minute (i.e. six rounds), leaving only a ragged skeleton. Thankfully they are afraid of light, and can be fended off by a flashlight or campfire. Anyone travelling across the wastes of Skarl will encounter these things, and are advised to keep to well lit areas or otherwise carry a powerful light source. 

Note: These rules are made for use with the Grit and Vigor Tabletop RPG. Its a fun game that hearkens back to older versions of role-playing games, but are easier to learn and to play. Check it out!


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